About AquaMatters

AquaMatters is a Concept Engineering Company and a System Supplier for Water and Sanitation  – our main Modus Operandi is a Holistic Approach Philosophy that focuses on the groundwater-related matters.

Our primary target market for our Holistic Solutions is Peri-urban – and secondary urban areas and rural towns and villages in Sub-Saharan Africa. We have a range of attractive solutions and services in our portfolio; all offering considerable technical, financial and social value.

AquaMatters consists of a team of seasoned industry professionals and a line of strong partners – with a long track-record of tried and tested solutions.

AquaMatters brings new and innovative thinking to an industry where “as we’ve always done it” remains the most common practice.

Value Proposition

AquaMatters value proposition is based on extensive research related to the bottle necks facing the Water Security of Africa:

Market today 

AquaMatters approach

“One size fits all” bulk water supply schemes.
Hub Based local solutions.
Silo problematics.
Holistic view on the full basic infrastructure.
Too sophisticated technologies.
Simple technologies, off-grid and minimal logistics.
Maximum Community-based participation.
Reliance of Governmental/Aid funding.
Full self-sustainable operation as a goal.
Consequence: More infrastructure services for less money.

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