In close co-operation

We believe in team work and working in close co-operation with consulting engineers, customers, authorities and other stakeholders such as local communities for the best possible outcome. Besides helping our customers achieving compliance targets at a genuinely attractive costing, we constantly look for ways to add value.

Value Adding Contractor

In the space of in-situ remediation and treatment of contaminated soil and groundwater, we have the capacity to offer the full A to Z solution life cycle from the initial desktop assessment, through design and implementation to assuming the responsibility for the long-term operation and maintenance.

As our team comes with strong multidisciplinary skills within geology, hydrogeology, geochemistry and microbiology; we’d like to believe our value goes beyond the traditional role of a contractor. At the same time, and as we are fully focused on our core solution offering, we are not offering 360° environmental- or water assessment, monitoring or design work; we are not either assuming the role of the established consulting engineers. In addition to our focus, environmental assessments or ongoing monitoring work we can’t participate due to conflict of interest considerations.

Hence, we’d like to position ourselves as value adding contractors and your preferred partner to resolve your challenges related to contaminated soil- and groundwater.

No regret process

Our in-situ remediation and treatment offering is always designed based on site specific characters and conditions.

We don’t think you should spend a lot of money only to find out that the solution isn’t suitable for your particular challenge. We also don’t think you should end up doing expensive studies after studies, but possibly without a tangible solution in place. 

No regret process is a minimal risk process to evaluate the technical suitability as well as the financial business case, before you are required to invest in the tangible solution.


AquaMatters solutions and services is built to meet the demands
of African conditions and to offer long-term viability and sustainability
– taking into account the financial, technical, logistical  matters,
and the skills availability related realities.

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