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AquaMatters is focusing on In-situ Remediation and treatment of contaminated soil- and groundwater.

In-situ Remediation means that contaminated soil and groundwater is treated underground through injections of safe reagents which triggers and accelerates natural biochemical remediation processes for significantly improved groundwater quality.

Our wide toolbox of solutions are available to remediate and treat both organic contaminants like hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents and inorganic contaminants like acidic mine water, metals, nitrate and ammonium.

AquaMatters team of seasoned industry professionals and our exclusive solution and technology partner Sensatec have a combined experience of hundreds of successful projects within groundwater and In-situ Remediation. You can find more information about Sensatec here

Value Proposition

AquaMatters value proposition is based on extensive research related to the bottle necks facing the Water Security of Africa:

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AquaMatters approach

“One size fits all” bulk water supply schemes.
Hub Based local solutions.
Silo problematics.
Holistic view on the full basic infrastructure.
Too sophisticated technologies.
Simple technologies, off-grid and minimal logistics.
Maximum Community-based participation.
Reliance of Governmental/Aid funding.
Full self-sustainable operation as a goal.
Consequence: More infrastructure services for less money.

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